Choosing The Right CMS

One of the most important aspects of any business is its website. The website is, in many ways, an advertisement. The identity of the website is typically reflective of the brand for the company. 

For example, suppose a business wants to be calm and relaxed. In that case, the website’s content will typically reflect that type of feeling. The same goes for a more traditional business-like website. That kind of website would want to avoid slang and other non-industry-specific content. 

This may feel basic, but plenty of businesses build a website and don’t follow these rules. They’ll make a website and struggle to bring in customers through it because it doesn’t match the tone that prospective clients, business partners, or customers are looking for.

Sometimes this is an easy fix by changing up the branding that surrounds the website. Still, sometimes the solution is more complicated than expected. Many businesses will simply choose a basic website design from the first hosting provider they can find. The problem is they end up with a limited Content Management System (CMS) that doesn’t even give it the tools it needs to build a brand synonymous website.

Choosing the proper CMS for a businesses’ website can make creating that brand far easier. Some tools allow for more creativity, while others are better used for autonomous tasks like making purchases online. Some users just want plain HTML. All of these options are available, and here at Power Surge, you can have all of them.

Power Surge offers our clients the opportunity to build a website that is perfect for their business. You create your website, and we’ll focus on making sure the domain is consistently running and up to date. Of course, while we’ll offer just about any CMS available, there are two in particular that we specialize in. 


Power Surge offers WordPress as a hosting tool for clients that need something with a variety of options. Many users consider WordPress as nothing more than a blog tool, and if that’s all they want out of, then it can be that, but the potential of WordPress goes so much further.

WordPress is, in many ways, a do-it-all CMS. It’s an open-source tool, and users are continually finding ways to improve and change. Many of these changes are made through the thousands of plug-ins that WordPress has. If there’s a website that a business wants to be designed, WordPress can very likely do it. It even supports HTML, which is fantastic for the more code-minded builders out there. 


For businesses that want to break out into more of an eCommerce focus, then Magento is the CMS to use. Magento is designed explicitly for eCommerce websites, and all the tools surrounding it are meant to assist with that process.

Magento is great because it’s been around since almost 2007. This means there is an infinite number of tutorials and tips on best using Magento and taking advantage of it. 

Power Surge offers our clients pre-installed Magento websites to create their own brand synonyms for eCommerce business.

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