Magento vs. Shopify. vs. WordPress: Which E-Commerce CMS is Best

In the world of e-Commerce, there are plenty of options out there for an online business to make sales. The primary three in this space are Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. All are viable options for anyone that wants to create their own e-Commerce space. However, they also all have their problems on top of that.

Each CMS has benefits and drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks will be dealbreakers for some and non-problematic for others. It will largely depend on each individual, but there is one key difference between Shopify and the other two platforms.

Shopify Is Only Hosted By Shopify

Shopify hosts websites on their servers, and this a plus for some websites but a significant hindrance for others. Some businesses find this comforting because they can log in from a log-in page and see their website.

The downsides come because Shopify is hosting the website that means there are significant challenges anytime the website owner wants to do anything with their domain outside of Shopify’s bubble of services. Limiting a domain’s ownership to Shopify can feel too limiting for anyone that wants to expand their business. Maybe they want to branch out into different kinds of SEO or customize their website. Shopify limits this.

Shopify Is Limited

The average Shopify user is very limited in what they can accomplish with their themes. It has a low barrier to entry, which is excellent for those that are just starting, but challenges arise when getting creative with the website.

Shopify’s websites are technically customizable, but users are required to go into the coding of the website and mess around with it. Want to add buttons for users to click on? That’ll require custom coding. Want to place the items for sale below or above, text on the website? That may require coding as well.

Tasks on other CMS’s are more straightforward, while on Shopify, they create a frustrating level of challenge. Compare this to the Magento and WordPress CMS options that Power Surge offers.

WordPress and Magento Are More Flexible

Power Surge offers WordPress and Magento websites that we will host for you. Unlike Shopify, however, our hosting is unobtrusive and allows our clients to build their website the way they want it to be. 

The way we do this is through the natural benefits that exist within WordPress and Magento. They’re both open-source platforms that are constantly changing thanks to user experiences. Magento has thousands of tutorials across the internet assisting users. WordPress has thousands of plugins and natural HTML access, making it extremely flexible.

There’s a reason these are two of the most common e-Commerce CMS’s available. While Shopify users are forced to work within the restraints of Shopify, WordPress and Magento users are given more leeway thanks to being open source. Anyone that has coding experience will trend towards these over Shopify.


WordPress is not always thought of as an e-Commerce platform, and by itself, it isn’t. Traditional WordPress is moreso designed for content pages, but it can be turned into one of the best e-Commerce CMS options available with the proper plugins. 

WordPress has all kinds of e-Commerce specific plugins such as:

  • WooCommerce
  • Big Commerce
  • MemberPress
  • Easy Digital Download

Download these and start to see what they’re capable of. These plugins all come with easy-to-use tutorials, so nobody is left trying to figure out how to use them on their own. They’re part of what makes WordPress such a fantastic eCommerce option.


Magento is, in many ways, the original e-Commerce plugin. It’s been around since 2007, and while it’s gone through different versions, it is still very much the same platform it always was. Thanks to its long and reliable history, users have found it to be one of their preferred eCommerce choices.

When someone implements their eCommerce business on Magento, they’re choosing the veteran option. The one that is known to work. There’s plenty of tutorials to teach ourselves to how to use it, and since it’s open-source, it’s something that coders can take advantage of.

Magento is very customizable, which has allowed many programmers to make dynamic flashy e-commerce websites. It also doesn’t have the Shopify problem of not allowing its users to expand its website beyond the e-commerce space. Content and other pages can be added with relative ease.

Why Power Surge

Power Surge is more than just a hosting platform. Our support team is here to ensure that you are experiencing consistent uptime with the fastest speeds, no matter the CMS. We are continually monitoring our client’s websites. They’ll frequently not even notice a problem, and if they do, then it’s quickly taken care of. 

There are no questions that we’re not willing to answer. Our clients are important to us, and the awards our 24/7 customer support has received have proven that. 

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A website can be so much more if it’s on the right platform. While using Shopify can be a great starting point, its downsides create a challenge for e-commerce businesses that want to have more creativity or utilize SEO. 

With Magento and WordPress, the open-source nature creates a more flexible CMS that more users will find success. This is why we offer these as built-in CMS platforms in our hosting packages. 

At Power Surge, we offer the fastest websites at the most affordable rates. To learn more, give us a call at 800) 797-4524 or send an email to SALES@POWERSURGE.NET. Our 24/7 customer support team will be there to assist!

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