3 Ways To Keep Your Website Secure (And Hacker-Proof)

If you own a business or a website then you need to understand how important it is to keep it all secure and free from hackers. Internet crimes are not like the traditional crimes that you see on the news, it is much harder to catch and it is much harder to prosecute cyber criminals, not to mention that there aren’t very many laws regarding cyber criminal activity either so this is really something that you need to keep in mind. As you can see, the best thing that you can do to help protect yourself against cyber criminals is to make sure that they aren’t able to hack your site in the first place.


Domain Theft

A recent issue is domain hacking. This is when a criminal steals the name of your domain by changing the information found on Whois. The thief can access your name if you have a password that is weak and this is normally done by phishing. If you want to protect yourself from this then you need to make sure that you change your password on a regular basis and you may want to invest in some domain locking as well. On top of this, you may also want to consider two factor authentication as well. Another way that a thief can steal your password is if they do it via social engineering, which can be found below.

Social Engineering

This is when criminals call your bank or your domain registrar pretending to be you. They try and gain access to your accounts and they use the information found on your social media profile to do it. They can find out your pets name, your mother’s maiden name and so much more and this is just one of the many reasons why it is now more important than ever to make sure that you don’t post personal information online.


If you use WordPress then you need to make sure that you keep it updated because if you don’t then you could be a target for theft. You will also find that you can protect the data of your clients by having software that helps to check for malware and security breaches. You may also want to take a look at your webmaster tools as well to see if you have any malicious code on your site already, and this is especially the case if you allow your customers to purchase through your site. If you want to boost your SEO ranking, it is always a good idea to purchase an SSL certificate as this will also enhance your security levels.


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