Simple Steps To Increase Your Magento Store Conversions Today.

Below is a helpful guide to help you improve your Magneto Ecommerce store’s shopping experience for your customers and in return potentially improve your conversion rates:

So to begin, what exactly IS a conversion rate?MagentoConversions

To keep it simple, a conversion is your stores ability to get customers to purchase from it.  It can also mean other customer actions such as signing up for contact/email newsletters, creating a account and saving a wish list or simply starting a trial of your services.  Most of the time conversion reflects how many people came to your site that actually BUY from it.

Your conversion rate is calculated as below:

Number of purchases or goals divided by actual site visits = your conversion rate

Why are Conversion rates important to Ecommerce websites?

There is definitely more to it than just how many actual sales you get.  It is also a measure of well your Magneto Ecommerce website is meeting your customers needs.

Lets look at your website itself:

How fast is your website?

Does it load quickly?

Are you using Magento hosting specifically for Magento websites? It is critically important to look at your website loading spmagentowebsitespeedeeds.  After all, you are working hard to drive this traffic in and engage your customers, the last thing you want is to lose sales due to not investigating the hosting you have for your Magento site.

Do images take a long time to display?

Is your checkout easy and uncomplicated for a user?

Is your checkout secure?

Do you offer multiple ways to pay?

Lets look at the actual traffic you are getting to your website

Looking at the analytics of your Magento website, how is the quality of the traffic you are getting?

Are people staying on the site awhile or are they immediately bouncing off?

Are these your target clients and where are they coming from?

Are you using SEO, social media and different types of promotions to your full advantage?

Looking deeper into your Magneto website analytics:

As we know there can be many factors as to what influences someone to purchase or not.  That said they are clues within your analytics that analyticswill give you an idea of what may be happening:

Are you losing people at checkout?  If you are perhaps you may have security, pricing or payment issues on your website. Or maybe your customers are finding your checkout to difficult or time consuming.

Are you losing people right on your product pages?  Perhaps you aren’t giving your customers enough detail (or the kind of detail they want).

Assist your customers in finding exactly what they want

When a potential customer cant locate a specific item on your site you run the very high risk of them going to a competitors site. There are two ways you can help your customer find exactly what they want quickly and easily.

Search – Improving your Magento website search abilities is one the absolute best things you can do.  Make sure your “Search bar” is easily accessible and very visible on every page of your site.  Allowing “Auto complete” for different search phrases helps minimize typing for your customer and gives them a multitude of search choices.

Faceted search – You can use faceted search options to assist your customers in drilling down their search’s based on product attributes such as item category, color and size.  Also be sure to include common spelling errors and similar type names to increase the correct results.

Make your product pages sell your product:

Once your customer locates a product, now you have the opportunity to sell the item.  Make sure you are doing everything you canmagentocalltoaction2 to detail product information. This would include clear and informative product description, multiple images, customer reviews, social shares, etc.

Clear and straightforward Call to Actions:

Make sure its easy to “Add this item to cart”, check or “View their cart”, “Keep shopping” or simply “Checkout”.

Mobile Friendly:

Remember mobile devices now represent 65% of all digital media time, with desktops/PC a close second.   If you’re not able to reach your audience through mobile search or display, or you’re not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to competitors who are.

Pricing your sales and promotions:

Offering discounts and limited time sales are a great opportunity to drive in new traffic, however overusing these tactics can potentially negatively effect the way the customers see your brand. There is much more to brand loyalty than pricing alone you should also focus on stellar customer support, overall business organization and customer satisfaction as well.

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