What can Magento offer your Ecommerce store?

A Platform that is scalable

Magento is a moldable platform literally allowing you to create any type of store you want.  This type of platform fits any company or start-up from new smaller businesses to the large corporate entity.

An easier way to manage your website(s)

If you have multiple stores you can manage them all under one administrative panel with Magento’s built in features.  Your growth is never limited with Magento.

Fully responsive mobile

With Magento you can offer a supreme shopping experience to your customers no matter what type of device they are using.

Easy of Use for store displays

Easily display your products with Magento with multiple store layout options.  With an array of conversion modifications you can zero in on what really converts!

Modifications are easily added

Because Magento is a open source software you can easily take your site to the next level by utilizing a developer who can modify the code and add plug-ins for a multitude of enhanced features.

In depth reporting – the key to any online business success

Track your visitors, who they are, where they are coming in from and how long they stay.  Know which campaigns – from social marketing to paid advertising are working for your business and eliminate the ones that are not.

Whether its Magento, WordPress, Dedicated Servers, Cloud or simply a customized solution based on your needs, PowerSurge offers the full spectrum of hosting services.  Let us Power your business today!

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